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Volkswagen Electric and Hybrid Cars

Volkswagen’s electric cars combine outstanding features; from the iconic models with the same torque yet zero emissions engines. Their e-golf is ranked as one of the most practical and efficient battery-powered cars on the market.

Volkswagen’s motto is 'redefining the future of driving' and recently they have released some of their iconic cars in their Electric and Hybrid range, to name a few: the Volkswagen e-up, Volkswagen e-Golf and the Volkswagen Passat GE.

Passat GTE is stylish, sleek and this hybrid offers the best of both worlds as it combines a TSI petrol engine with an electric motor. It even won Best Hybrid Car £25,000-£50,000 by WhatCar?

The e-golf has all the features from the iconic hatchback but with an innovative battery electric motor. The e-Golf provides you with 186 miles of range, 16-inch Astana alloy wheels with optimised aerodynamics to reduce resistance, energy saving LED light and much more.

Last but not least is the E-up, it is compact and perfect for city driving. It can provide you with a range of 99 miles on a single charge and goes from 0-62 in 12.4 seconds all whilst creating zero emissions.