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About CVSL Electric Car and Van Leasing

CVSL was established in 1989 by experts in the automotive industry. In 2018, the CVSL group launched Electric Car and Van Leasing. Our aim is to promote and educate the general public on the benefits that electric car and van leasing brings. We pride ourselves on excellent service, vehicle knowledge and competitive pricing.

We guarantee our clients clear and transparent pricing with no hidden costs and a high standard of service. We like to understand your requirements and we will advise you on the best vehicles and mileage offering you a competitive price whether you are looking for a personal lease or business lease.

We have the widest range of electric and hybrid vehicles available to you and all our contract hire and lease cars include FREE delivery. We work with a panel of lenders offering you the most suitable finance arrangements with helpful and ongoing support if required.


Why choose an electric vehicle?

Electric vehicles are the future and are now widely available to the general public. In 2017 electric car sales increased by 11% in the UK and this expected to rise again in 2018. As the driving range and performance improves more people are choosing a vehicle that has low or zero emissions helping with cleaner air across cities and towns.

Whats are the benefits of an electric vehicle?

With petrol and diesel prices on the rise - an electric vehicle is an economical alternative; it could save you £4,000 alone in fuel costs. There are also many incentives available; read more here. The obvious benefit of driving an electric car is that there a much better for the environment being low or zero emission vehicles.

What does it cost?

Electric cars and vans come in a range different prices - it all depends on your specific requirements. At CVSL Electric Car & Van leasing, we offer you clear and competitive monthly leases tailored to your indivual needs. Take a look at our offers here.

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